Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Label, Organizing, & Storing your Documentation!

Hello Spartan Superway Students,

As we approach the end of the first semester ME195A, it is time to start organizing ALL of the relevant documentation that you have created since August 2018. 

1. LABEL all of your documentation with the proper naming convention. Please include the date as this makes it easier for future referencing. Make the name of your file very obvious and easy to know what will open when someone clicks on it at a future date. 
e.g., 2018-12-04 Full Scale Bogie Final Report ME195A 
e.g., 2018-11-12 Small Scale Track Support Bracket ver3.0 

2. ORGANIZE all of your documentation! This means putting certain file types with similar file types such as keeping all of your CAD files together in a separate sub-folder, keeping your final reports and presentations in a separate sub-folder, keeping your code and wiring schematics in a separate sub-folder, etc. This will make going through your folders at a later date much easier.

3. Where to store? Here is the link to the Spartan Superway Archive where you will be storing all of your documentation. Please look inside the folder and find the appropriate folder for your sub-team. If you need to make a new folder within your sub-folder, make sure your LABEL it correctly so it is obvious what it holds. 

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