Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SSDC 3D-Printer Instructions: DO NOT Hesitate to ask for HELP

Spartan Superway Design Center 3D-Printer Instructions:


To Change Color Type of PLA Filament (PLA only):

1) Turn on local computer. Turn on 3D-Printer by toggling the ON switch. Toggle ON switch on the back of the silver Stepper Motor power supply.
a. Note: Be very careful with ALL power cabling as some of it is slightly loose, and may become disconnected during prints, causing you to redo everything you have just done.
2) Open Cura (3D-printer program on computer), then click “Control” within the program (should be in the middle top-left of the interface.
3) In “Control” interface, change extruder temperature to 220 degrees C and bed temperature to 55 degrees C.
a. To complete task 2, click “Set” after extruder and bed temperatures have been entered into the “Control” interface in Cura.
b. Once “Set” has been clicked in Cura, the temperatures listed above must be reached before filament is removed and replaced (please view the L.C.D screen on 3D-printer to ensure these temperatures have been reached before trying to remove any filament).
4) Within “Controls,” once the proper temperatures have been reached, click on “Retract 10 mm,” which will engage the extruder to retract the filament by 10 mm / second.
5) Before you replace the filament, check in Cura under “Basics” tab to make sure the new filament diameter you intend on using matches what is listed on the filament roll.
6) Once the previous filament is removed, set the new PLA filament on the 3D-Printer filament holder, and guide the filament through the clear guidance tube.
a. Now feed the filament into the extrusion port and in “Controls” click on “Extrude 10 mm” while adding a small downward pressure to the filament. NOTE: You may have to play with the “Extrude 10 mm” button a bit until you feel the filament catch. You should be able to feel the filament begin feeding itself through the extrusion port, so at this point you can watch the filament begin to feed through the extrusion head. NOTE: Wait for the filament color you chose to begin melting out of the extrusion head before you begin any prints, and wait for the “Extrude 10 mm” to finish its cycle.


Printing Your Project (IF PLA filament is already loaded, you can begin your print once bed and extruder head are at proper temperature):

1) Note: Cura only accepts .STL files!!!
2) Once bed and extruder temperature are reached (should have happened in above steps any ways), apply water based glue found near 3D-printer, onto the bed of the printer with a tissue / paper towel.
3) Now upload component you intend on printing into Cura and rotate the component to have it lying down flat on the bed.
a. Rotate button is located on the bottom left of the screen.
b. The component side with the most surface area should be touching the bed plate (improves chance of printing success).
c. To move component on bed, just click and move it.
4) Remove any excess filament from the extrusion head before printing.
5) Make sure you check your settings before printing (do you need a supporting structure??)
6) To print go in “Controls” and click print!!