Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Welcome to the ME195A/B 2018/2019 Spartan Superway Program!

Hello Spartan Superway 2018/2019 Student,

This blog spot (https://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/) will serve as the informational hub for you to receive information related to this summer's program that will include posts from your professor and other faculty, research articles, assignments, fellow students and more! In addition, you will also create your own blog that will be used to post your class assignments and general updates!

Navigating https://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/ is simple! The bulk of information, as listed above, can be found in the center of the blog spot (just like this post!) Individual student blogs can be found on the right side of the blog spot. Individual student blogs will appear as hyperlinks that can be clicked to read each student's blog spot. Professors will stay updated with student's blog spots to ensure they are actively posting and keeping up with their assignments. Depending on if there are team's, the left side of the blog spot will contain hyperlinks to team blog spots.

The following post titled "Creating your individual and team blog spots" will describe how to create your own individual blogs.

Creating a team blog spot can also be found in "Creating your individual and team blog spots."

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