Friday, July 27, 2018

2018 Solar Skyways Design Collaborative

Interns from San José State, local high schools, Tec de Monterrey (Mexico) and Pusan University (South Korea) have just completed the summer 2018 Solar Skyways Design Collaborative at the Spartan Superway Design Center near San José State in downtown San José.

Much progress was achieved on several fronts:
  • Full-scale bogie, motor and controls
  • Full-scale guideway
  • Full-scale wayside electrical pickup
  • Full-scale suspension system
  • Full-scale guideway structural analysis and testing
  • Hybrid battery/ultracapacitor onboard energy storage system
  • Small-scale cabin design
  • Solar canopy system design and analysis software
  • Facial recognition security/farebox software
  • ... and more
Final reports will be completed soon and shared with interested parties.

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