Monday, May 28, 2018

Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

The Spartan Superway 2017/2018 Team showcased their final work at Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 over the weekend of May 18th - 20th. Four total projects were operated and shown by their respective teams including the Small-Scale Prototype Team, Full-Scale Prototype Team, Wheelchair Restraint System Team, and the Half-Scale Suspension Team (right to left in Figure 1). Each team's project is shown below with a small caption and figure describing which project it is.
          Figure 1: Small-Scale, Full-Scale, Wheelchair Restraint, Half-Scale Suspension (starting at the right side moving left) 
Figure 2: Students from the Small-Scale Team explaining their project to Maker Faire attendees
Figure 3: Full-Scale Team performing some last minute adjustments before the gates opened to the general public. 

Figure 4: Superway student Jinhau explaining how the wheelchair restraint system works

Figure 5: A close up of the Small-Scale prototype with curious Makers testing the collision avoidance system

Figure 6: Superway student Tan showing a young Maker how the wheelchair restraint system works

Figure 7: Superway student Joshua showing off his team's Half-Scale suspension system

Figure 8: Superway student Joshua holding down the Half-Scale suspension system in wait for more Makers to arrive 

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