Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Team Distribution & General Fall 2017 Schedule

Team NameFirst NameLast Name
Full-Scale Futran Track Section Team1KeonRoham
Full-Scale Futran Track Section Team2AlvinChoy
Full-Scale Futran Track Section Team3JaredHagyard
Solar for Full-Scale Futran Section4MatthewDianich
Solar for Full-Scale Futran Section5ChanwoongPark
Solar for Full-Scale Futran Section6TanHo
Full-Scale Mechanical Bogie Team7DanielEspinosa
Full-Scale Mechanical Bogie Team8jinhaoCui
Full-Scale Mechanical Bogie Team9RogerPacilan
Full-Scale Controls Team10Jack Yoo
Full-Scale Controls Team11Cheuk KwanYim
Half-Scale Suspension Team12JoshuaMoreno
Half-Scale Suspension Team13ColinWong
Half-Scale Suspension Team14SalvadorHernandez
1/12th-Scale Track + Manufacturing Team15KevinBrasil
1/12th-Scale Track + Manufacturing Team16Bryan ChristopherOyan
1/12th-Scale Track + Manufacturing Team17Angelo-JoseBanzon
1/12th-Scale Bogie Team18BryneJocson
1/12th-Scale Bogie Team19IzzatHalabi
1/12th-Scale Controls Team20AndishehKhosravi-Sereshki
1/12th-Scale Controls Team21BenTrump
1/12th-Scale Controls Team22ColinIlas
1/12th-Scale Cabin Design Team23DarrenErfe
1/12th-Scale Cabin Design Team24KaelanSong
General Schedule for the Fall 2018 Semester: 
1. Each team must come up with a minimum of (3) design iterations of their particular project before any rapid prototyping is to occur. Each team must weigh the pros and cons of their (3) design iterations and develop a 'prime design'. In addition, each team is required to perform theoretical calculations and finite element analysis on their prime designs to ensure specifications are met. 
2. Once step 1 is completed, each team will determine a method to create a rapid prototype of their prime design (3D printed, laser cut wood, on-the-table programming / controls, etc) to run initial tests. 
3. Once testing is completed, revisions and redesigns will occur if necessary. 

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