Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome to Spartan Superway Fall 2016 Semester! (Blog Related Post)

Hello Senior Mechanical Engineering Students,

This post includes important information that you will need to get started!
To create your individual blogs go here:
  •    and follow the directions. 
  • When your blog page has been created, please click on "New Blog" in the top(ish) left corner. Enter in a relevant title, and an address such as ""  or "" .... 
  • Before you click on "Create Blog!", please copy and paste your address to this Google Form!
  • This is very important as I need this address to upload your personal blogs to so they are visible for everyone to see.
  • Once you have inputted your information to the Google Form, it is time to create a new post on your blog under the title you made. (These will be created WEEKLY!) 
    • At the very top where it says "Post," ENTER a post title! This is very important to do as it will give your actual post a title on once submitted.
  • The writing portion of these weekly blogs is for you to update your INDIVIDUAL weekly progress. This is a method for me to check for personal accountability, which will show if you have been keeping up with your work. In these post you will include conceptual ideas, drawings, CAD models, calculations, and anything else related to your individual involvement in your sub-team's design, rapid-prototyping, fabrication, assembly, and testing of your project. 
  • Finally, please include a PHOTO of yourself so I can get familiar matching a name to a face! (just one photo needed in the first post) 
  • Thank you! :) 

To create a sub-team blog....
  1. Once Sub-Teams have been formed.... 
  2. Create a sub-team Blog (one per sub-team) with a name that is descriptive for your team (e.g., Superway-Failsafe) and add a new post that introduces the members of the sub-team and describes the scope of work and goals for the work of the sub-team. Blogspot allows multiple authors, so the first author will invite all other team members as authors with admin permission. This enables all authors to edit all blogs. Specifically, go to:

    [Team blog] > Settings > Basics > Permissions  > Blog Authors
  3. Upon completing this, please copy & paste your address to this Google Form as before. 
  4. Please post your availability (School & Work Schedule) in the first sub-team post, this will be extremely helpful for your teammates and myself. This will allow you to schedule time, besides every Wednesday 1:30pm - 4:15pm, to meet with teammates to work on your project. I may be able to come to the SSDC during off hours, aka not just Wednesdays, (128 E. Saint John Street), and open the facility for students to work on their project. I will keep you all posted on this. 
  5. For team scheduling (I mean accomplishing goals, not meeting times), use Gantter for Google Drive (google it). Put a link to a Gantt chart for your sub-team project schedule as a Page Link (this chart can be updated regularly) at the top of your sub-team blog. 
  6. Each week all members of each sub-team should help contribute to this sub-team blog. This blog needs to be updated weekly as well to show what your sub-team has accomplished, and is a method for me to check on accountability. 

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