Sunday, September 20, 2015

Creating Team Blogs #3

Per our discussion in class on Wednesday the 23rd, your next assignment due by 5:30 pm on Monday, 9/21/2015 is to:
  1. Post to your personal blog an entry with a summary of the work you did since your last posting for Blog Assignment #2.
  2. Create a sub-team Blog (one per sub-team) with a name that is descriptive for your team (e.g., Superway-Failsafe) and add as a New Item a post that introduces the members of the sub-team and describes the scope of work and goals for the work of the sub-team. Blogspot allows multiple authors, so the first author will invite all other team members as authors with admin permission. This enables all authors to edit all blogs. Specifically, go to:

    [Team blog] > Settings > Basics > Permissions  > Blog Authors

  3. Put a link to a Gantt chart for your sub-team project schedule as a Page Link (unlike a blog, as a page, this chart can be updated regularly) at the top of your sub-team blog using the Dynamic Gantt chart template that Garrett found (click here).
  4. Add a second post in the sub-team blog that you created in step 2 above that consists of your proposal, which you came up with from Blog Assignment #2 and hopefully have refined since then.
  5. Upon completing this, please email your team blog's web link (URL) to Professor Furman and Ron Swenson. 
Thank you!

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